How to Start Selling on MYHOTELGIG

MYHOTELGIG is the best marketplace for consulting, services and products by hospitality folks for hoteliers and AirBNBs. So, if you have a skill that can serve a hotel team, hotel owner, hotel group or a hotel advisor, you can share that offer with our buyer community and make money while you are at it.

Whether you are a hotel software provider, hospitality webdesginer, graphic designer, hospitality photographer, hotel consultant, content writer, translator, trainer, recruiter, security company, cleaning company, amenities provider OR if you own a hotel and want to offer special rates to hotel community. What ever it may be MYHOTELGIG has a place for hospitality teams and provider.

For Sellers:

If you have anything to sell, consult, train, offer or even a hotel deal to offer - list it with us for free and get some extra exposure. This marketplace aims at becoming the go-to marketplace for hotel owners, hotel professionals and hotel employees.

For Hotel Operators:

Explore a range of products, services and other offers, perfectly suited for us working in and running hotels, resorts and vacation rentals. Find all kinds of industry deals, from booking engines, graphic design, branding to hotel consulting and hotel rooms.

For Hotel Teams and AirBNB:

Translator, designer, owner representative, photographer or just some basic help? Or why not offer your own services to our community and earn a little extra.