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Start owning a business with us.

Join the pizza revolution together. At present, there are two types of pizza manufacturers in Thailand and around the world. The first is the manufacturers in large factories that focus on mass production. And a thorough delivery system. But pizza from big manufacturers will lose quality and taste when transported.

The second model is a manufacturer of authentic Italian pizza. Which are usually Italian people who open restaurants in that country This type of business will have a high price. And unable to reach customers in all areas.

With the intention that everyone wants to eat quality pizza with traditional good taste, we intend to help those who are interested in building a small businesses in various areas around Thailand, to produce quality pizzas with amazing taste!

We therefore invented our products to meet the needs of a small business network who love pizza.


  • Suitable for those interested in starting a pizza restaurant business.
  • Membership exclusion period
  • Monthly fee waiver for new customers in the first 3 months.
  • Monthly membership fee
  • 3,500 baht (can be refunded by selling an average pizza 1 tray a day)
  • the condition
  • Acquire the use of flour, cheese boxes and some raw materials with us
  • Can use our brand And our marketing tools
  • We provide pizza throughout the membership period
  • Return pizza oven when canceling membership

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Helping Hotels

Ko Mak, TH

Posted 4 weeks ago


One Time Start up Fee

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